About Us

Why Us?

Do you want to turn your organisation’s big plans into tangible results?  All great companies start from somewhere and it is our vision to help you achieve the level of success that you want. Here we provide tailor- made corporate training solutions through a business- oriented experiential learning approach. In contrast to academic, model-led approaches that teach leadership, Ultimate Training engages learners in a challenging and engaging process of discovering their own propensity for taking effective leadership action within the business context.


A Training Company with a Difference

We understand that many training programme focuses on solving problems that arise in the daily operations of a business. They deal mainly with training and development, customer service development and management training. However, many of the training companies are missing the point.  They focus on the symptom rather than the cause of the problem. Solving the problem with training is usually a hit or miss affair.

Here at Ultimate Training, we use an effective method to map out problems and design the best training and coaching interventions to get the desire outcomes.

Symptoms are typically the most noticeable and conscious aspects of a presenting problem or problem state.

Causes are the underlying elements responsible for creating and maintaining the symptoms. They are usually less obvious than the symptoms they produce.

Outcomes are the particular goals or desired states that would take the place of the symptoms.

Resources are the underlying elements responsible for removing the causes of the symptoms and for manifesting and maintaining the desired outcomes.

Effects are the longer term results of achieving a particular outcome. Specific outcomes are generally stepping stones to get to a longer term effect.